Driving in Gainesville, FL with a car without safety features can be stressful and pretty dangerous for any driver. For this reason, our team at Duval Chevrolet believes you must select an SUV, truck, or car with loads of safety features to ensure your drive to Lakeside, FL is highly safe. With a Chevrolet Malibu, you will enjoy plenty of great safety features meant to prevent collisions and also heighten your chances of survival in case of one.

An automatic emergency braking ensures you can stop in time upon noticing a potential threat on your way to Orange Park, FL. While driving in the busy streets of Starke, FL can be dangerous due to the constant movement of pedestrians, a Chevrolet Malibu addresses this through a front pedestrian braking system. In addition, you will enjoy a Forward Collision alert, following distance indicator, Intellibeam, and a lane-keeping assist with departure warning systems.

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